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1976 Ducati 750 SuperSport: 9000 Miles

What an outstanding example of an old Ducati Super Sport: 1976 Ducati 900 SuperSport on eBay And while this bike is fantastic in it’s own right, the owner is clearly a collector as he states he’d be willing to negotiate a trade and has many other bikes of interest including: I have a new Mystery […]


1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport: The Links

Only sold in the U.S. for one year, there’s probably less than 150 of them in the country. And one of them is in my garage! I first fell in love with the early 90’s Ducati Supersports after reading skads of Peter Egan Road and Track and Cycle World articles in the LBCC library inbetween […]

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Introducing the 1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport

I’ve already got a post started about this new aquisition, one I had started to write before I had even purchased the new bike. The title: 1993 Ducati 750 SuperSport: Diagnosis Priapism. A bold title, but I was already in love and I knew the title would be befitting the new steed once in my […]

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1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper: Created with Canon 70-200 F4L

I’ve rented the 70-200 F4L from ZipLens to practice my motorsports photography. Here’s the first result, some 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper: 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1680 widescreen 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1152 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1152 1993 Ducati 750SS Wallpaper Background for 1680 widescreen I didn’t PS these […]

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Updates and Ducati Wallpaper!

After a recent visit to the Portland Ducati dealership, Motocorsa, I was cautioned not to even start the Ducati until I had replaced the belts. This is because they are rated at only 2 years, 12k miles, and I had no evidence that the belts were within those parameters. If the belts were to break, […]